Living in South Africa Today

Living in South Africa today is like living on a dump site, its dirty everywhere you look, there is chaos everywhere, respected hospitals shut down due to violence , murder is a daily occurrence.
Which tourist in his mind would like to visit this country after seeing these pictures below, how will tourism ever grow in this country. How can this once beautiful country ever think of economic growth when their people plunder , burn and destroy.
It is such a disgrace that a new government have taken over a country in 1994, with all the part working well and governed it into the ground within 24 years.

Monthly Fundraiser Update

Our Weekly update on our fund raiser:
We have so far collected R160 , thanks to the 2 people who saw the need among our needy.
R160 may not be enough but we confident that more people would come and help us to look after our needy elderly in SA.
If all the wonderful people on my pages only donate a mere R10 a month, we will be able to help some of our elderly folks living in extreme poverty on a monthly basis.
If you have a soft place in your heart for our elderly then you can help us by donating to our bank details:
FNB Cheque account Account name: Farmers Aid SA Account No: 62601364813 Branch Code: 221025 PayPal: REF: Elderly Poverty Fund
We will also appreciate any non perishable food items that can be donated to our Food Bank for distribution.

Food Donation

Thank you to Gerhard and his wife for this generous food donation. Last month people donated and we raised R950, this will be used to cook big pots of soup and breyani , this will then be distributed to various areas where our elderly really struggling.
This month we raised so far R160, if you want to participate also you can do so by just donating a small amount of R10 to the bank details below:
FNB Cheque account Account name: Farmers Aid SA Account No: 62601364813 Branch Code: 221025 REF: Elderly Poverty Fund

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