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Farmers Aid(SA), was inspired and build on the American Farm Aid, which has a 30 year track record off helping struggling family farmers to stay on their farms and produce.

Our mission and goal is to raise awareness about the loss of family farms, farm attacks, and the struggling families and people in SA. We want to support, assist and help these people. Farmers Aid(SA) is improving every hour, on doing more, bigger and better, while remaining true to its ultimate mission.

The annual music event will raise funds to help us raise awareness and funds for our mission in live.

Farm Attacks

As the worst drought in 35 years continues, South African farmers are struggling. With the droughts,farm murders, and farm attacks, some farmers are considering selling their farms because they can’t access the funds they need to continue to operate.

15,000 of the 35,000 commercial farmers are struggling and “have their backs against the wall” because of the latest drought.

Let us just take a closer look at the serious situation our farmers are facing;

  • 1960 – 300 000
  • 1994 – 60 000
  • 2015 – 28 000.

The number of commercial farmers in South Africa have plummeted from a high of 85,000 in 1994 to 11,600 today.

We see that Farm Murders& Attacks are increasing and getting more brutal, the stats are staggering and we will have to find solutions to secure the safety of our farmers in South Africa.

Food security starts with a farmer – Biggest contributor to our economy starts with our farmers – Communities depend on our farmers – Businesses depend on our farmers produce to survive.

The farmers safety and survival is our main focus and that is why we do what we do, to secure our food security for all in South Africa.

How we help

Our Support We Provide.

Farmers Aid(SA), is a registered ( 2015/349503/08 ), nonprofit organization whose mission is to help struggling farmers and poverty in South Africa. Farmers Aid(SA) accomplishes this mission by:

A). Promoting Food From Family Farms.

B). The Farmers Aid SA – Drought Relief Program.

C). A Farmers Aid SA – Poverty Fund.

D). Community Foodbank

We know that to keep family farmers on the land we have to increase the number of people buying their good food. We need to support this farmers and families with all the help they need.

From our annual concert event that features family farm food and unites farmers, artists, and concerned citizens, to our inspiring and informative TV, radio, mail and web campaigns , we are building a powerful movement for good food from family farms.

B) The Farmers Aid – Drought Relief Program.

We see today that farmers are struggling to access any sort off funding through banks and other institutions to help them through the drought that has swept through our country in this past year.

This Farmers Drought Relief Program will be established to help those farmers severely affected by this drought by supplying feed for their live stock, and short term funding solutions.

This funding will come from the annual events and donors and companies alike. We are coming up everyday with new “out of the box” ideas to raise funds and create awareness.

B) Farmers Aid SA – Poverty Relief Fund.

The demand for food,clothing,housing and work has increased dramatically in the last few years, with more and more people losing their jobs, houses, cars and end up in one off these different camps.

These camps are build on old dump sites which is not suitable for children to live and grow up on. Farmers Aid(SA) will provide immediate and effective support services to those poor families in crisis, with food and clothing.

We would also like to assist these people with tools to earn an income and provide for themselves, in the form of vegetable gardens, woodworking etc.

We want to keep hope and dignity alive for these people.

D). Community Foodbank


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