Western Cape Feed Fund Update 2018

Latest update on the Western Cape Feed Fund:
we have so far collected R3000 for the diesel so we can atleast get one truck of feed to the farmers whos animals are dying and starving.
We are R27k away from achieving our goal to get that feed to those animals. Thank you to those who have already donated, we really appreaciate it.
We just want to be open and transparent so everybody can see what we doing and not just talking.
Every little donation help awill get to that target, i just know it.
We appeal to everyone in South Africa who cares about those farm animals to help us reach our goal of raising the remaining R27k , so we can get sent those trucks to farmers in the Western Cape areas.
Donations can be sent to the following bank details:
FNB Cheque account
Account name: Farmers Aid SA
Account No: 62601364813
Branch Code: 221025
Swift – FIRNZAJJ, Account
Reference: Western Cape Feed Fund
or by PayPal farmersaidsa@yahoo.com
Farmer Aid Sa
Cell: 0658929355 E-mail: Patrick@farmersaidsa.cf Facebook: Farmers Aid SA

Water Relief Project Cape Town 2018

Just an update:
We have joined hands with Danielle from Jhb, to bring water to certain areas of Cape Town,
The project is really going well, as you will see in the photos below. With this project we are nor asking for financial donation as all have been taken care off, we do ask that if people have bottles or containers they can fill with water we can pick it up and deliver it to cape town.
This appeal goes out to all in the kzn area, if you want to help, please fill as many containers or bottles with water and i will arange to pick it up so we can deliver it to our people in need of water.
I will be draining our Jo Jo tank full of water into containers as its full of water. Kzn people lets come together and the world we in kzn are caring people.
So please leave your details below and Danielle will be in contact with you.
Wonderful team working extremely hard to bring water relief to our folks.
Farmers Aid SA
We can be contacted :
Cell: 0658929355 E-mail: Patrick@farmersaidsa.cf Facebook: Farmers Aid SA